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Strands Realty Group

At Strands Realty Group, our mission is to be the pinnacle of excellence in the world of commercial real estate, with a primary focus on serving the Hospitality And Multi-Family Industry.

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About Us

At Strands Realty Group, our mission is to be the pinnacle of excellence in the world of commercial real estate, with a primary focus on serving the Hospitality and Multi-Family Industry.

Our core values of accountability, loyalty, passion, and a strong organizational culture drive every aspect of our operations. We go beyond transactions, ensuring that all stakeholders in the hotel and Multi-Family industry emerge as true winners.

We are dedicated to delivering swift, responsive, and exceptional service to empower the success of the entire hotel and Multi-Family industry. As we journey forward, our ultimate vision is to establish a prominent presence in all 50 states, solidifying our position as the foremost hospitality and Multi-Family brokerage in the United States, dedicated to fostering the ongoing success of hoteliers and Multi-Family investors in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

strands realty group
strands realty group

Client Experiences

"We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf."


strands realty group

Had never needed the services of a structural engineer before and found OConsulting here on Yelp. Nanak who has excellent skills dealing with people and connected us with the engineer Freddy to help us with the inspection of a load bearing wood beam. Freddy was right on time, very skillful and knowledgeable and was even able to help us with a related but side project question which was very helpful. Great service for a very fair price. Absolutely recommend OConsulting. Give them a call.


strands realty group

Executive Team

Erik Ransdell is a co-founder, partner and Broker of record at Strands Realty Group with a rich background in commercial real estate. He launched his career at Stream Realty Partners, gaining valuable insights and experience in the field. Erik holds an MBA from USC Marshall School of Business, which has fortified his strategic thinking and leadership skills. Together with his partner, Mike Annunziata, Erik is committed to driving excellence and innovation at Strands Realty Group. Their focus on the hotel industry within the commercial real estate sector positions them as experts who can help clients unlock the full potential of their hotel property investments.

Mike Annunziata

Mike Annunziata, a partner at Strands Realty Group, brings a wealth of experience to the real estate industry. His journey began at TNG Real Estate, where he immersed himself in brokerage and learned the intricacies of the field. Holding a degree in Communications from Biola University, Mike's strong communication skills, negotiation abilities, and clear communication set him apart in the dynamic world of commercial real estate. In his role as a partner at Strands Realty Group, Mike is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and results. He is passionate about helping clients navigate the complexities of the hotel industry and maximize their investments.

strands realty group
Erik Ransdell
strands realty group

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